End of year fun at Emma Chase Elementary

Principal with three elementary students holding certificates.
Chase Elementary Principal Bill Frandino presented awards to several students for their STREAM Fair projects.

The end of the school year was full of imagination, creativity and fun for students at Emma Chase Elementary as the school held a series of events and activities before the summer break.

First, students participated in the school’s STREAM Fair and produced innovative projects that captivated the attention of fellow classmates, staff and visitors. Bill Frandino, principal of Chase Elementary, even handed out awards to students for their hard work and creativity.

Three performers on stage presenting "Alice in Scienceland."

Next, students learned about the various states of matter during one of their final assemblies. Their eyes were filled with curiosity and wonder as they watched engaging demonstrations that showed the difference between solids, liquids and gases.

Three performers on stage. The person in the middle is dressed as a rabbit. Two people are standing on each side of the middle performer and they're holding a blue sheet.

Finally, first-grade student Madison Ballard attended a recent book signing at the Monticello Library that featured several authors. She gave Mrs. Swensen a signed copy of the book, “My Special Word,” which inspired Mrs. Swensen to share the story with her classes and create an activity. Following the book reading, Mrs. Swensen asked students to create a poster of the word(s) they believed best defined them as a person. Drawing inspiration from “My Special Word,” students utilized their imagination to design vibrant posters that represented their personalities.

A student holding her poster and smiling for a photo with a school staff member.

Students holding their posters up for the camera.

Class group photo. Students are holding their posters and smiling for a group photo.