Creative, professional students give back to the community

Mr. Waddell’s Structural Engineering class and Woodworking Manufacturing classes are run as professional working shops.  After learning about safety, materials, professionalism and purpose, these students move forward, creating beautiful and useful products.

Nine high school boys stand next to a wooden bench and a picnic table they made in class.
Some members of Mr. Waddell’s classes that built benches for the Center for Discover stand with their finished products.


The emphasis of these classes is building products that can go to help the community. Currently, these classes on working on well-crafted and engraved benches to be donated to the Center for Discovery. Another project will go to the school store in the shape of a large cart sporting a Monticello Panther paw.


A student in a blue hoodie cuts a piece of wood using the circular saw
The students are well-versed in safety techniques when using the equipment in Mr. Waddell’s workshop.


The greater Monticello community is grateful for the donations from Mr. Waddell’s students, as is the school community.

The following students are part of the classes helping to build these very professional creations:

  • Komasii Alegria
  • Raziel Chico
  • Keegan Gandulla
  • Oscar Hernan Gazon Ruiz
  •  Ashley Gettel
  •  Rahcir Goggins
  •  William Hindley
  •  Ryanna James
  • Jailyn Jones
  • Madison Kehoe
  • Jake Kelly
  • Caleb Mejia Chamu
  • Javon Lane
  • Lorenzo Lovett
  • Kayanna Nedd
  • Christian Perez
  • Noah Rice-Woytowick
  • Colby Rivas
  • Berwin Rivera
  • Aiden Rosenstein
  • Cameron Russo
  • Byron Sandoval
  • Justin Sherote
  • Dustin Smith
  • Giovanni Smith
  • Nikko Suarez
  • Jadiel Suarez Torres
  • Akeem Warde
  • Mason Warner
  • Brandon Wheat