Cooke students bringing smiles to Meals on Wheels seniors

Kindergarten and first grade students at Cooke Elementary School are bringing happiness to senior citizens.

Five kindergarten students hold up pictures in front of them. Behind them are two women smiling
Social Emotional Wellness teacher Elisa Mendels, back left, and Jane Bozan of Sullivan County Meals on Wheels stand with kindergarten students who presented handmade framed pictures. From left, Kyrin, Aracelis, Zyarah, Andrew and Shane.

As part of their Social Emotional Wellness class compassion project and community service with teacher Elisa Mendels, the students drew pictures and put them in decorated wooden-stick frames. They were presented Thursday to Jane Bozan, the nutrition director for the Sullivan County Meals on Wheels program, who will give them to the volunteers to distribute to the seniors.

Woman at left talking with visuals on the table at right about Meals on Wheels.
Meals on Wheels Nutrition Program Director Jane Bozan explains to students about the Meals on Wheels program.

Mrs. Bozan explained to the children that the Meals on Wheels program uses volunteers to delivery hot meals to senior citizens each day. In Sullivan County, 325 seniors get visits and meals from the volunteers every day.




She also said that the volunteers do more than just deliver meals. They get to know the people and check on them. If they need some snow shoveling in winter or the trash carried out, the volunteers do it.

Two women smiling. one holding a box filled with pictures the other holding one of those pictures up.
Elisa Mendels, left, holds up a box filled with handmade framed pictures that will go to Meals on Wheels recipients. At right is Jane Bozan of Sullivan County Meals on Wheels.

Mrs. Bozan thanked the students for their pictures and said the seniors will greatly appreciate their artwork.

The Cooke students donated 132 framed pictures to the Meals on Wheels program, Ms. Mendels said.