Cooke Kindergarten students travel the globe

a group of kindergarten students are standing in the hallway holding up their artwork
Kindergarten students from the Cooke Elementary School show off their “suitcases”

Kindergarten students at the George L. Cooke Elementary School have become seasoned world travelers in the weeks leading up to the winter break. Each day, students in all kindergarten classes at the school have been dutifully filling out itineraries, packing suitcases, boarding planes and heading to destinations across the globe in a quest to learn about how holidays are celebrated worldwide.

a kindergarten student holds up a craft On Monday, Dec. 16, students in Christine Buda’s class were off to England. After filling out their itineraries and packing up their suitcases with their ticket and passports, they boarded Buda Airlines and readied themselves for takeoff. For the in-flight entertainment, the students learned about English holiday customs, including playing with a Christmas cracker, and the tradition of leaving a stocking out for Father Christmas. After the jet landed in England, the students got to work crafting their own stockings, guided by Ms. Buda’s directions.

With the school buses arriving for the trip home, and parent pickup imminent, the students wrapped up their stocking craft and headed back onto the plane for the return trip to Monticello.  

While the casual observer might mistake a suitcase for a decorated manilla folder or the plane for a floor mat, the kindergarteners and their teachers know that with imagination, anything is possible – including a trip across the pond in less than an hour.

Watch the students at work: