Cooke families: show your Monti spirit and say “thank you!” to our staff

A message from Mrs. Mitchell – 

Attention Cooke students:  I’m hoping you can show us your Monti Spirit by sending either a very short video or photo message showing your appreciation or thanking either a teacher or a staff member in the Cooke School.

Please remember our custodians, cafeteria workers, secretaries, and security. Video’s must be kept short and to the point, creative and appropriate. You may want to do a song, joke, or chant. 

Picture must include you and for your message you can use chalk outside, or make a poster, just be creative.  Here are some examples:

a student is holding up a sign

Then send your creation to

Please include your name grade and teacher on the email Please send them NO LATER than Wednesday, May 27. I can’t wait to see your messages. Thank you!