Cooke Early-Drop Off Program Relocated to KLR

The early-morning drop-off program at the George L. Cooke Elementary School will be relocated to the Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School building. Parents of Cooke students who are enrolled in the program should drop their students off at the KLR building in the morning, and students will be bused over to the Cooke School.

The change was made to ensure that all students have access to an on-site nurse, in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines. The change does NOT impact the after-school program. Cooke students will attend the after-school program at the Cooke school, and KLR students will attend the after-school program at KLR.

The programs are currently at capacity; however interested families can join the waitlist by filling out the online form.

Before-School Waitlist Form

After-School Program Waitlist Form