Chase’s generosity helps local animals

students are standing in a hallway with dog foodThe Emma C. Chase Elementary School community made life a little brighter for the animals of Sullivan County. Students and their families, along with staff and PetSmart, generously contributed to the school’s annual fundraiser for the Sullivan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). 

The shelter, which is located in Rock Hill is filled with puppies, dogs, cats and kittens that are waiting to find their forever home. The donations collected by the Chase community will help make their stay at the shelter a better one. 

“[ SPCA Worker] Debbie Vittert and the workers at the shelter do a great job at saving animals that may have been killed otherwise,” Chase SEW Facilitator Maryann Swensen said. “Through the fundraiser, students learn how to be a part of, and give back to, the community.” 

Thanks to their extra special generosity, the fourth grade class earned a pizza party, and Mrs. Karen Crofoot’s class earned a popcorn party. Now, that’s something to bark home about! 

a car trunk filled with food a student is drawing a sign that reads "thank you Petsmart" a group of small puppies a drawing of a dog a group of dogs