Chase students set out to trap the Gingerbread Man

The classic nursery rhyme says he’s uncatchable, but Emma C. Chase Elementary School students have been working hard to trap the Gingerbread man!
students are on the floor working to build a trap.
All week long, Library Media Specialist Patti Andersen has been facilitating an activity for her students that combines holiday fun with STEAM skills. After reading The Library Gingerbread Man, Ms. Andersen challenges students to build traps to catch the feisty fellow, who is attached to a Dash robot. Younger students build the contraption from blocks. Older students use materials from the library’s junkyard, and have the additional challenge of building a trap that can be triggered remotely, using string or some other mechanism.
students pose around a box they made
Once the designs are complete, Ms. Andersen drives the Gingerbread Man into the trap to see if the students’ creativity can successfully snare him.