Board updates family engagement policy

The Monticello Central School District recognizes its families as its most valuable partners in supporting education. To that end, the district’s policy committee has been working to revise the Board of Education’s existing policy concerning family engagement.  At its April 11 meeting, the Monticello Board of Education adopted its revised policy on Parent and Family Engagement to include the National PTA’s six standards for family-school partnerships. These new standards will help the district evaluate and improve how its schools partner with families.  

Here are the six standards that have been added to the policy:  

  1. Welcome All Families: The school treats families as valued partners in their child’s education and facilitates a sense of belonging in the school community.
  2. Communicate Effectively: The school supports staff to engage in proactive, timely, and two-way communication so that all families can easily understand and contribute to their child’s educational experiences.
  3. Support Student Success: The school builds the capacity of families and educators to continuously collaborate to support students’ academic, social and emotional learning.
  4. Speak Up for Every Child: The school affirms family and student expertise and advocacy so that all students are treated fairly and have access to relationships and opportunities that will support their success.
  5. Share Power: The school partners with families in decisions that affect children and families and together—and as a team, inform, influence, and create policies, practices, and programs.
  6. Collaborate with the Community: The school collaborates with community organizations and members to connect students, families, and staff to expanded learning opportunities, community services, and civic participation. 

Read the full updated policy 1900