Board adopts District Comprehensive Improvement Plan (DCIP)

Monticello has been targeted as a “District in Need of Improvement” by the New York State Education Department, as the results of our 2018-19 assessment results indicate that we have not adequately supported the growth and achievement of our African American students across the district, and particularly in the middle school.

As part of this designation, the district is required to create a district improvement plan, as well as a school improvement plan for Robert J. Kaiser Middle School to address these achievement gaps. As part of the process, the district collected and analyzed data on  student performance, discipline and attendance and also solicited community input through an online survey. Stakeholder groups comprised of administrators, staff and community members met to set priorities, conduct root analysis and set an action plan to address root causes. 

The district’s improvement plan was approved by the Board of Education during its Aug. 6 meeting, and the school improvement plan is expected to be approved later in the fall. 

District Comprehensive Improvement Plan