Academy of Finance alumnus visits students

Article courtesy of Monticello High School accounting students Declan Lyons & John Creighton.

David Fishler came to Monticello High School to discuss the internal operations of companies both locally and globally. Fishler, a 2012 MHS graduate and Academy of Finance alumnus, spoke about his experiences with companies such as Ideal Snacks, BFY Brands and Swiss Bank. Fishler stressed the importance of accuracy and organization, stating that companies receive hundreds of resumes and only the best yield interviews. He added that even the smallest mistake can lead to employers disregarding a resume. Fishler explained that working locally and gaining experience has helped him get a job working for a global business. He discussed the advantages and disadvantages of working for large and small companies. He also spoke about working with people from different countries as well as how cultures differ. He advised students to research companies they wish to work for so they learn what kind of salary/benefits to expect. With over 8 years of experience in the business world, Fishler had many pearls of advice to give to the AOF students at the Monticello High School.