Update on High-Risk Winter Athletics

A message from MCSD’s Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Health Kurt Buddenhagen:

Dear Student-Athletes, Parents, and Guardians,

UPDATE- The information below is designed to provide you with further details about the status of “High Risk” Winter Athletics Programs in our District.

On Friday evening, Sullivan County Public Health issued new guidance and recommendations for all County school districts regarding “High Risk” sports. We appreciate the continued guidance from Public Health, and we will be thoroughly reviewing the new information this weekend and on Monday in order to determine the appropriate next steps. While we review the new guidance from County Public Health, we will not be officially starting “High Risk” sports practices until after the February 4th Board of Education meeting. “Low” and “Moderate Risk” winter athletics will continue as scheduled.

There will be Basketball meetings for coaches and student athletes on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 after school. Those meetings will be entirely devoted to reviewing health and safety protocols and documentation from the Department of Public Health.

We know that the continued changes regarding “High Risk” sports can be frustrating and confusing for our student athletes. Monticello Athletics will continue to support the complete physical and social-emotional well being of our student athletes and look for positive ways to allow our students to engage in physical activity.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the athletic department.

Be Well,

Kurt Buddenhagen

Director of Athletics, Physical Education, and Health