Update from Dr. Silver; meal delivery changes; student work and more

As I am sure all of you know, the Governor closed schools through Wednesday,  April 1.  All school events, field trips, athletics and other activities during this time are cancelled or postponed.  It is unknown at this time what will happen after April 1. 
I hope you were able to pick up work packets for your child(ren) this past Wednesday.  If you were not able to, the packets will be mailed home to you.  If you do not receive one, please call your child’s school building; we have staff available to answer phones and respond to your questions.   
We expect your children to do the work assigned by their teachers.  Teachers will be working from home the next two weeks and will be available to provide help.  We also expect that teachers will make regular contact with students and families. This can be generic, such as a blast email or communication on Class Dojo, or it can be more personalized, like a phone call. Some schools have set up grade level groups on School Messenger and grade levels are making decisions about regular phone robocalls to every family in the grade. Related service personnel, guidance, physical education teachers, LIA teachers, clinical staff, and other staff will also call families to check in and provide social/emotional support and connection to resources if necessary.  
If your child was assigned digital work, their teacher will be logging in to check on the progress they are making.  If your child does not have wi-fi access or a device at home, we are developing a plan to loan devices to them.  We will have more information for you about this early next week.  
If you do not have internet access at home, Charter has recently announced that it will offer free Spectrum broadband for 60 days to families with children in grades Pre-K through 12 and college students. You may call 1-844-488-8395 to learn more about this offer. Some cell phone service providers have also announced that they will increase the monthly data usage on individual plans, and I encourage you to reach out to your provider to learn more 
I want to remind you that we are providing breakfast and lunch for all students five days a week.   Based on the Governor’s order to reduce our staff density by 75%, food deliveries will change starting Monday March 23, 2020.   
Monday’s delivery will be one day of meals, Tuesday’s delivery will be two days of meals, there will be NO delivery on Wednesday, Thursday’s delivery will be two days of meals, and there will be no delivery on Friday.  We are creating a plan to have in place should meal delivery not be possible utilizing a drive through setting similar to parent packet pick up.  We will make the announcement via School Messenger before making the change.  Please know that we may only be able to give a one day notice for the change.   
 Please continue to check our website frequently for the most up-to-date information.  
Again, as always, I thank you for your patience and support.