Unofficial election results; Board moves to hold special meeting on May 23 to canvass affidavit ballots

At its May 17 meeting, the Board of Education moved to hold a special meeting on Tuesday, May 23 for the purpose of canvassing eight affidavit ballots that will determine the winner of the third Board of Education seat, currently held by Helen Jersey. The Board also expects to certify the official results of the May 16 school budget and Board of Election vote at this May 23 special meeting. The meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. in the Robert J. Kaiser Middle School Library. 

Except for the eight affidavit ballots, all votes, including absentee ballots, have been counted. Those unofficial results are listed below — voters approved the proposed budget and re-elected Adrianna Mayson Greco and Wendy Galligan Weiner to the Board of Education. The actions at Tuesday’s special meeting will not alter these outcomes.

However, because the race between Helen Jersey and Mary Beth Bastone ended with a small margin of just five votes between the two candidates, the affidavit votes could impact these results. Therefore, by moving to canvass these ballots, the Board is moving to first verify that the individuals who cast these ballots are entitled to vote in the Monticello Central School District, and once verified, open and count the ballots. After the ballots are tallied, the Board will move to certify the final results of the May 16 election.

What is an affidavit ballot?

Individuals who believe they have a right to vote in a jurisdiction, but whose names do not appear in the poll books at the voting location may vote via affidavit ballot. In this process, the voter fills out the ballot and swears an oath that all information provided is accurate. Common reasons why an individual’s name would not be listed in a poll book include a change in address, or the individual appearing at the incorrect voting location. Affidavit ballots remain sealed and are not counted unless they could affect the outcome of a vote.

Unofficial results:

The unofficial results are as follows:

Proposition 1 (budget vote): Passed

Yes: 851

No: 242

Board of Education member elections:

Seat of Adrianna Mayson Greco:

Rosemary Berson: 512

Adrianna Mayson Greco: 576

Seat of Wendy Galligan Weiner:

Lisa Maranzana: 503

Wendy Galligan Weiner: 587

Seat of Helen Jersey:

Helen Jersey: 548

Mary Beth Bastone: 543