Students learn about kindness, and meet with author

Students at the George L. Cooke Elementary School learned some valuable lessons about kindness and even got to meet a real live character from a book. After reading Kindness Is, a story where main character Kenzie learns about the meaning of kindness, the class was virtually visited by author Kaitlin Johnstone, her partner Kevin and Kenzie herself. 
a group of students are posing and holding up copies of a book. In the background, there is a Zoom screen featuring the author, and her daughter and partner
Kaitlin and Kevin own a clothing company named Kind Cotton, which donates a book to a child for every item sold. To date, the organization has donated almost 140,000 books. 
a teacher is seated at the head of the class and reading a story to her students
During the visit, students were able to ask questions and discuss the story. As a special treat, Ms. Trone and Mrs. Belgiovene gifted a copy of the book to each student so they could go home and talk about kindness with their families over winter break.