Bus schedules are not available on this website. Each student will receive a bus pass indicating transportation status – bus stop, time of pick-up and return via mail. On the first day of school the student should present this pass to the driver of the bus. Students may only ride on the bus assigned to them.

If you have any questions about your child’s bus route, please contact Monticello School Bus Garage at 845-794-8570 or 845-794-2120. Please check the schedules carefully. Requests for changes, individual problems, or transportation questions should be sent to the Transportation Department in writing by filling out a Transportation Comment Form.

School Bus Information

Responsibility for students using buses rests with parents until student actually boards bus or exits bus at end of day.

Students should:

  • be on time;
  • behave properly;
  • sit in seat; and
  • obey driver and/or bus aide.
  • Acts of misconduct may lead to student’s temporary suspension from all transportation privileges.

Untolerated acts include:

  • smoking;
  • pushing;
  • swearing; 
  • bullying; and
  • refusal to comply with instructions.

These items not allowed on buses:

  • animals or pets;
  • guns or knives (real or otherwise);
  • glass objects;
  • baseball bats or sticks;
  • cards;
  • musical instruments larger than a trombone;
  • skis;
  • fireworks of any kind; and
  • radios.

School Bus Safety and Discipline

If your child is the recipient of any verbal or physical abuse, please report the incident immediately to your school principal. If possible, include bus number, bus driver’s name, and time of day. The principal will then conduct a follow up investigation and report back to the parent the disposition of the incident.

We are proud of the fine job our dedicated bus drivers perform each day. Drivers attend safety and first aid meetings throughout the year to better equip themselves to cope with daily problems. Please help our school bus drivers do a better job by acquainting your child with the following rules:

  • Be at bus stop five minutes before scheduled time;
  • Stay on side of road while awaiting bus;
  • Enter the bus calmly and safely;
  • Greet driver with appropriate greeting;
  • Take seat immediately; students may be assigned seats by the driver;
  • Once seated, remain seated until destination is reached;
  • Keep feet out of aisles;
  • Talking, not shouting, is permitted;
  • No large parcels allowed on bus;
  • Cross road 15 feet in front of bus;
  • Respect, obey bus driver at all times; and
  • Follow proper crossing procedures.

Special Reminders to Parents:

  • No student will depart from bus until they reach their stop;
  • A parental note is required for students to take a different bus;
  • No bus changes can be made via phone call; and
  • A parental note is necessary for elementary children that do not take the bus.

Safety Tips for Walkers

Follow these proper crossing procedures:

  • It is always best to walk to and from school in groups, whether it is with siblings, neighbors, parents or friends.
  • Walk against traffic, as this makes it harder to be followed.
  • Observe all stop signs and traffic lights.
  • If approached by a stranger, do not talk to him or her, just run away.
  • Within their walk route to and from school, make sure your children know safe places they can run to — whether it is back to school, a store, a friend or a neighbor’s house.
  • Students should talk to an adult — parents, teachers and/or their principal — about anything that makes them feel unsafe.

Middle school and high school late buses

  • Late buses run every day. The buses depart from the middle and high school at 4:30 p.m.
  • The buses are available for all middle and high school students. Principals and/or coaches will notify students of specific drop-off points.
  • Students must have a pass issued by a teacher or administrator to board a late bus.