Streaming of high school musical ‘The Theory of Relativity’ will be March 19, 20

This year’s high school musical will look different from what we are used to in years past, but there will be a musical performance on March 19 and 20.

A blue background with hands coming from each side. The words The Theory of Relativity

“The Theory of Relativity” is a collection of stories within songs that mirror our narrative of home, family, love, loss and finally, connection. Although this musical will appear to be a simple song cycle, it explores the relationships between the actors, which are revealed at the end to be reflective of our own travels through life. It was assembled with both live and remote recordings.

How will we watch it?

The production will be released for viewing digitally on your computer, laptop, table or phone, on March 19 and 20 at 7:30 p.m. It is offered through the streaming platform “Showtix4u,” in cooperation with Music Theatre International. The public will be allowed to reserve a viewing “ticket” (free of charge) beginning the week of March 15. Check back here for access information.

All is relative – and we are all related in our stories and in our search for connections.

Please note: The performances are considered scheduled content and will not be accessible at any other time, so get your “ticket” and watch us on March 19 and 20.

High school students on a stage. They are separated from each other.

Cast, crew and music

The cast includes: Anthony Belgiovene, Taylor Morant, Dylan Price, Sophia Quiñones, Lennie Gleyzer, Annmarie Flores, Michael Feltman, Rebecca Salerno, Kaitlyn Weiss, Nicole Lavere, Leanna Auletta, Lisa DiPippo, and Daniel Seminario. Dancers: Isabella Torres, Shoniya James, Sophia Vandermark, Ofelia Huerta, Jozlyn Maybloom, Didi SanMiguel, and Delaney Booth.

Sound and light crew: Owen Bassett, Evan Waterton, William Cooper

Orchestra: Mr. John Bernstein, Allison Weinstein, Claudia Silverstein, Sophia Quiñones.

high school students on a stage, separated, with a green backgroundThe