SJS students build their brand

Walmart and Target. Google and Microsoft. Starbucks and Dunkin. Nike or Vans. While each pair of business rivals may sell a similar product, they can be perceived as polar opposite in terms of quality, reputation, style and many other factors – and that is all due to the brand these companies have built over the years. Brands are much more than just a logo, or a product – a brand encompasses the reputation, values, and unique qualities that distinguish one company from another. 

a teacher is posing with three students
Two St. John Street students pose with SJS staff member Linda Morgan-Kenny during the first session of the Build Your Brand program on March 6.

Personal branding is no different – character and reputation can have a huge influence on a person’s education, career path and personal development, and that is why high school students at the St. John Street Community School will spend the next few weeks delving into the concept of a personal brand with the Build Your Brand program.

three students are seated at a desk, engaged in a writing activity.
Students reflected on some of their strengths and talents during a writing activity.

The program, which launched in early March will offer SJS students weekly workshops where they will use a variety of activities and workshops to help identify their strengths, values and passions to build a personal brand that will lay the foundation for a successful future. 

a teacher is writing notes as a student looks on