After-School Tutoring

Please make sure your child signs up every time he/she wishes to stay after school for tutorial. Students can sign up in the Guidance Office with Mrs. March first thing in the morning (it fills up quickly) or during homeroom. All students must be prepared with work to do while attending the tutorial.

The schedule for tutorial, with teacher and room listed, is as follows:


ELA (6th grade only) – Barasch – 301
Math (6th & 7th grade) – Snyder – 309
Science (8th grade only) – DeGlee – 307


Science (6th and 7th grade) – DeGlee – 307
Math (8th grade only) – Laufersweiler – 214
Spanish (8th grade only) – Seminario – 314


Social Studies (all grades) – Potts – 110
ELA (7th & 8th grade) – Barasch – 301