RJK Middle School Clubs and Activities

YEARBOOK: The yearbook staff prepares the layouts for yearbook pages, along with taking and selecting photographs for the book. The staff members also assist in identifying people in the various photographs. Join our club and help capture memories from the year.  (Advisor: Ms. Cahalan)             

STUDENT COUNCIL: The Student Council consists of representatives from each grade level team.  They bring the concerns of the students to the attention of the principal. The Student Council sponsors activities for the students such as School Spirit Days.  (Advisor: Ms. Laporte)

NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY: The Junior Honor Society is a club for students in grade 8 who have achieved an over-all grade point average of 90 or higher by the end of 7th grade.  Students with a qualifying average may be inducted at the end of 7th grade.  (Advisor: Ms. Cahalan)

MIDDLE WRINKLE: The Middle Wrinkle is the middle school’s publication of writing and artwork.  Students submit their written material to their teachers and ask that they be given for consideration in the Middle Wrinkle.  Our student editorial staff and art editors take on a lot of responsibility in helping to create an incredible student-produced publication for all to share and enjoy.  (Advisor: Ms. deGlee)

MUSICAL: The Musical provides students with the opportunity to experience all aspects of musical theatre.  Students can participate as performers –  singers, actors and dancers – and stage crew. Opportunities for costumes and make-up experience may exist. Students must audition for the musical as      performers.  Students must be available for rehearsal two to four days per week after school until 4:30 p.m. Students must be available daily for the final month prior to the show. The cast and crew present a matinée for the sixth grade.  (Advisor: Mr. Buckley and Ms. Cahalan)

EARTH GUARDIANS OF SULLIVAN: The Middle School Environmental Care is dedicated to keeping our earth clean and healthy. The club is responsible for planting and maintaining our community garden.  Additional activities may include participating in Earth Day, using recycled materials to create ornaments, and inviting guest speakers to discuss current environmental issues. Think globally, act locally. We meet twice a month to research environmental issues around the globe and locally. We create plans and opportunities for the students of Monticello to have a positive impact on the planet and our community.

EDIBLE GARDEN: Students work to cultivate, plant and eat fresh foods from our garden. The Edible Garden Club meets every Wednesday during the months of October, April, May, and June (during full school days). We are a group of land stewards. We plant, care for, and harvest edible plants for our school kitchen.  if you are interested in growing food, this is the club for you!

GLEE CLUB: Glee Club is for any student interested in practicing or collaborating with others on instruments such as, but not limited to, guitar, piano and ukulele. We meet once a week after school until 3:30 p.m. (or 3:45 if there is a late bus) from February through May.  (Advisor: Mr. Buckley)

BUILDER’S CLUB: The Builder’s Club is a committee-based help organization that is Kiwanis-led. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for working together in service to school and community, to develop leadership potential,  to foster the development of strong moral character and to encourage loyalty to school, community and nation. We work with the Heart-a-thon, the SNU unit at the hospital, SPCA, Walk for Hunger and the United Way Toy Drive. We also host the grade 6-8 Valentines Dance at RJK. We meet twice a month on Wednesdays from 2 to 3 p.m. in room 17. (Advisor: Mr. Oefelein)

MEDIA CLUB: Our media club gives students an opportunity to express their creativity by producing presentations, music and videos using numerous computer and iPad applications. Students will also be charged with the duty of photographing numerous school events, creating promotional slides and videos for the school and assisting in the production and delivery of the morning announcements program, The RJK Konnection. The Media Club meets on Thursdays in room 207 about once every two weeks – dates are communicated in the morning announcements. Meetings last until 4:30 p.m. (Advisor: Mr. Silverman)

KNITTING CLUB: We are learning to knit with simple things like dishcloths, towels, and pot holders and then we are giving them as presents to parents.  Eventually we will move up to friendship bracelets, scarves, blankets, hats for preemies, and more.  Kids and teachers with any level of knitting/crocheting/sewing knowledge are welcome. Anyone working on a project is welcome to bring it along. (Advisor: Ms. deGlee)

TODAY’S STUDENTS, TOMORROW’S TEACHERS (TSTT): TSTT is for students who are interested in a career that involves teaching, coaching or leading. TSTT mentors these students by preparing them with effective leadership skills while still in high school.  TSTT has received national recognition for its successful career partnership model and was cited by former US Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley as “an innovative program that embodies many of the goals and objectives for educational excellence and should serve as a model for other regions in the nation.” (Advisor: Mrs. Rivera)

CHESS CLUB: Chess Club is an afternoon activity geared toward students who  actually want to shut down their technology world for two and half hours and play an old fashion game of chess, backgammon, or clue. K Students who love to indulge in these board games should apply.  (Advisor: Mr. Berman)

NYS MENTORING PROGRAM: The mission of the New York State Mentoring Program is to create positive and supportive mentor relationships based on a statewide, school-based, unique one-to-one mentoring program.  This program matches students with screened, trained mentors who will help develop self-esteem and healthy lifestyles in the students’ lives, while appreciating diversity, increasing financial literacy and make positive life choices.

STEP: The Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) has successfully operated on the SUNY New Paltz campus for more than 28 years. It is funded by the State Education Department and has as its mission the enhancement of the math, science and technology skills of minority and low-income students from local high schools. Ultimately, its goal is to encourage these participating students to continue their education after graduation in the fields of mathematics, science, technology and/or the licensed professions where minorities are traditionally underrepresented. The STEP program challenges students’ existing skills, develops new ones and provides      motivation and practical assistance to participants in setting and meeting their educational goals.

LIBERTY PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM: The program is designed to promote college readiness and career development among eligible students who need some additional assistance to help them meet their goals. It has a great lineup of community partners, including the Hurleyville Makers’ Lab, Catholic Charities, and Sullivan Agencies Leading Together (SALT).  LPP is a New York State Education Department-funded program. It serves students who need assistance in completing homework, preparing for tests, getting organized and thinking about and planning ahead for life after graduation. In an effort to keep students engaged in school and graduating, they will provide tutoring and mentoring, help with goal setting, informational presentations on college and career preparation,  job shadowing, and college and career site visits. Parents of LPP students will have the chance to attend workshops on such topics as college admissions, financial aid, preparing for college, and motivating youth toward academic achievement.