Security Procedures

A staff member will be stationed at the front hallway desk at all times during school hours.

Morning Drop Off

Students will be dropped off at the front hallway desk. Students will then be escorted to their classrooms by staff only.

People other than employees should not pass beyond the desk without prior approval of the program director only. Anyone approved by the program director will wear a unique badge at all times which contains their name to identify them as an approved visitor.

Pickup At Any Point in the Day

Similar to children who travel by bus, all students will wear identification at time of dismissal. This ID will be placed on the child by the classroom staff who knows the child.

Any person picking up a student will be required to fully complete parent/visitor control log at the front hallway desk in addition they must present appropriate ID. The ID must match what has been written on the parent/visitor control log.

Any visitor that is not the parent/guardian (including any parent who is not a routine visitor) of a student will be verified against the “authorized pickup list” and a photocopy of their identification will be made and filed. In addition, a cell phone number will be requested from these individuals at the time of pickup.

Individuals will not be permitted past the front hallway desk. Staff will escort students to the front desk to be picked up. The ID that the student is wearing will be verified against the parent/visitor control log. All staff are required to use the child’s first and last name when the student is picked up or transferred for any reason. This is for any communication whether over the PA system or in person.