Duggan and Forestburgh machines have been fully restored

Update: 12:36 p.m. The issues impacting the electronic polling machine at Forestburgh Town Hall have been resolved. All district polling machines are now in working order. Any paper ballots that were cast while the Forestburgh and Duggan machines were malfunctioning are secure, and will be tallied in the final results. Polls are open until 8 p.m. 

Update: 11:47 a.m.:  the issue impacting the Duggan polling machine has been resolved, and the machine at Duggan  is functioning properly. The technician is currently working to resolve the issue impacting the Forestburgh machine, and we will share any updates with the public via our communication channels. 

Original post: 

The electronic polling machines at two Monticello voting locations—Duggan Community School and Forestburgh Town Hall—are not presently scanning ballots. Voters are still able to cast paper ballots, and those ballots are being stored in a secured, locked section of the machine. Voters who are registered to vote at these two sites (Duggan and Forestburgh) should still report to these sites, cast their ballots, and follow the instructions of the poll workers on site. Please be assured that all cast ballots are secure, and will be tallied upon the closing of the polls at 8 p.m.  


The machines at all other locations are functioning properly.  
A technician from Dominion is on site and trying to resolve the issue.  The machines were serviced and tested last week by district staff with a Dominion technician. 
We appreciate the patience and understanding of our voters and election workers as we attempt to correct this malfunction. We will communicate any updates on the status of these machines via our usual communication channels.