Participation in Government students learn about policy making from Superintendent

the superintendent is addressing a class full of students.

Monticello Superintendent of Schools Dr. Matt Evans visited Mary Ellen Hurley’s Participation in Government class as part of the class’s study on policy making. Prior to his visit, Ms. Hurley asked the students to review several of the district’s policies, and to choose what they would like to discuss with Dr. Evans, and the class chose the district’s grading policy. 

two students are engaged in a discussion.

Dr. Evans explained the process of creating the policy, and students had the chance to share their feedback and highlighted some of their perceived challenges. Ms. Hurley and Dr. Evans also discussed the importance of being able to advocate on one’s own behalf, and explained how students are able to do that in within the district’s hierarchy, including following the chain of command and participating in board meetings and public hearings. 

students are engaged in a discussion.