Ms. Dutcher’s Ms. D’Agata’s class celebrates with end-of-year party

a large group of people are in a library room Students in Ms. Dutcher’s and Ms. D’Agata’s class at the George L. Cooke Elementary School gathered in the school library on June 21 for an end-of-the-year party with their families. After enjoying some refreshments, the group watched a video of highlights over the past year. There were so many wonderful things to remember that even the condensed video was more than 15 minutes long. Some highlights included coding with Ms. Jamin, trips to the Hurleyville Rail Trail and Kelder’s Farm, and visits from many different guest speakers — some of whom where in the audience for the party. The students had learned about “whoa” and “go” foods from Bee Mosner of Cornell Cooperative Extension, what it’s like to be a police officer from Officer Barrett and members of the Liberty Police Department, and different countries from a variety of parents and staff members who graciously shared their cultures with the class.
“We couldn’t have done all of this without you parents doing so much,” Ms. Dutcher said to the crowd. “Thank you for raising them to be such amazing children.