Monticello MBK student intern Noah Moreno selected to attend Obama Foundation’s inaugural MBK Rising conference

From Feb. 18 – 20, representatives from My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) programs from across the nation, along with other leaders will gather in Oakland, California for the inaugural MBK Rising Conference. Monticello High School student, and Monticello MBK Intern Noah Moreno will join them. 

Noah was selected from more than 130 youth who submitted videos to the conference leadership. In his video, Noah spoke of the transformational impact that the Monticello MBK program has had on his life. 

“Just last year, I was on the verge of dropping out,” he said. “Thanks to the powerful influence of MBK, my grades and attendance have skyrocketed.” 

Noah acts mentor to the younger students in the program, and has spoken at a variety of public events, including the New York State School Boards Association conference in New York City, about Monticello’s MBK program. He also keeps a notebook filled with literature, poetry and spoken word pieces that outline his insight on how to improve outcomes for young men of color. 

“It is my passion to lead our youth and communities to a better life,” he said. 

Conference attendees will  build connections, share insights and develop strategies to improve the nation-wide MBK program. 

Watch a video compilation of the selected youth. Noah is the first speaker in the video.