Monticello High School students in cohorts A and B will see one-week delay in return to in-person instruction

Monticello High School students in cohorts A and B will return to in-person instruction one week later than initially anticipated in an effort to give staff additional time to work through the logistics of scheduling a model of education where students remain in the same classroom with teachers cycling in for different spaces, per NYS DOH and NYSED guidelines. This already-complex task is further compounded by space limitations brought on by the Classroom 2020 renovations at the high school.

All students will begin remote learning on Sept. 14, regardless of cohort. At the high school, in-person instruction will resume as outlined below. As of press time, the district expects to follow its initial planned openings at all other schools.  

Cohorts A&B

Cohort A: (In-person M/T, remote W-F)

Cohort B: (Remote on M-W and in-person on Th/F)

Remote instruction for all grades begins Sept. 14

Students begin to attend in-person instruction on the following dates:

Grade 9: Sept. 21 (Cohort A), Sept. 24 (Cohort B)

Grades 10 and 12: Sept. 29*  (Cohort A), Oct. 1 (Cohort B)

Grade 11: Oct. 5 (Cohort A), Oct. 8 (Cohort B)

*Please note that school is closed on Monday, Sept. 28 in observance of Yom Kippur

Cohort C (In-person M/T, Th/F; remote on Wednesday):

In-person instruction begins Sept. 14

Cohort D (Remote M-F):

Remote instruction begins Sept. 14

Initial schedules for Monticello High School will be published in SchoolTool on Sept. 3. Although these initial schedules will include each student’s course load, they will not include specific classroom locations or times. That information will be added as soon as it becomes available.