Monticello High School Honors Students of Distinction

Monticello High School Students of Distinction receiving award

On Monday, November 22, 2021 Monticello High School students and families were invited to a ceremony and a reception to celebrate their success during the marking period.

The following Departments nominated these students:

  • Guidance- Awa Demba
  • Science- Issaias Taylor-Ukoidemabia
  • Music and Performing Arts- Nicole Lavere
  • PE/Health- Ayush Patel
  • Art- Timothy Brown
  • ELA- Yamillette Escobar
  • ENL- Pamela Ayaa Orellana
  • Social Studies- Elijah McCall
  • Technology- Inacio Henrique D. Figueiredo
  • Language- Joseph Russo
  • Mathematics- Ashley King

Congratulations to all our Students of Distinction on this extraordinary achievement!