Monticello artists win awards at Sullivan County’s 2022 Art Show

Congrats Monticello Artists for your success in Sullivan County’s 2022 Art Show!

Monticello students won 16 Artist Choice Awards, 12 Student Choice Awards and an award in each grade that was judged (7th-12th).

All awarded artworks will be at Gallery 222 for viewing until April 24.

Congratulations to all students and teachers for their hard work and successes!

A group of students are posing outside of an art gallery
Monticello Artists at Sullivan County’s 2022 Art Show on March 30th, 2022

Lisa Collins, Artist Choice Award- Painting

Christian Dejesus, Artist Choice Award- Design

Isabell Fairfield, Artist Choice Award- Painting

Heidi Flores, Artist Choice Award-Black and White Drawing   

Anthony LaRusso, Artist Choice Award- Drawing  

Gryphon McElrath, Artist Choice Award- Ceramics

Aaden Mitchell, Artist Choice Award- Black and White Drawing

Sadie Mogel, Artist Choice Award- Painting   

Eduardo Salinas, Artist Choice Award-   Sculpture

Nicholas Shochi Anzuma, Artist Choice Award- Mixed Media and Painting

Jada Valentin, Artist Choice Award- Mixed Media   

Vanessa Vranich, Artist Choice Award-Painting   

Ella Werbalowsky, Artist Choice Award- Black and White Drawing   

Tashia Whidbee, Artist Choice Award- Mixed Media and Painting

Christian DeJesus, Student Choice Award -Design

Riley Ann Doss, Student Choice Award -Animation

Jennifer Huerta, Student Choice Award – Ceramics

Hannah McGruder, Student Choice Award – Black and White Drawing

Destanie Morris, Student Choice Award -Painting

Dayana Paredes-Trujillo, Student Choice Award -Drawing and Painting

Angela Roberts, Student Choice Award -Drawing

Erik Schark-Sanderson, Student Choice Award -Design and Printmaking

Ava Toledo, Student Choice Award -Ceramics

Ella Werbalowsky, Student Choice Award -Animation