MHS welcomes new assistant principal, Rachel Blount

If you’re a part of the Monticello High School community, Rachel Blount is Woman with short hair and beige blouseexcited to meet you. The new MHS assistant principal, who was appointed over the summer and just celebrated her first “back to school” day at Monticello, brings with her an extensive background in transforming culture and climate to foster student success.

Whether acting as a school administrator, a mental health clinician at a correctional facility, a school social worker, or an English teacher, building relationships has always been the cornerstone of her diverse career.

“I’ve always been passionate about wanting to do more,” Ms. Blount said.

She plans to establish those relationships in Monticello by becoming an active part of the MHS community – participating in school activities and events, engaging with students and partnering with building staff; thereby gaining a deep understanding of the community’s culture and climate. She believes that level of understanding and trust is the first step in building a positive school culture, which is key to student achievement.

“Building relationships establishes trust,” she explained. “It takes commitment and collective ownership of the entire team to establish a positive school culture. When positive relationships are established, there is more academic success and less behavior problems.”

“Ms. Blount is a problem solver with a crystal-clear vision to help not only our students, but our entire community, succeed,” Superintendent Tammy Mangus said. “We are excited to have her join the Monticello team.”