MHS students learn the importance of Veterans Day during annual ceremony

Monticello High School (MHS) held its annual Veterans Day ceremony on Thursday, Nov. 10. After a performance of our National Anthem by the Chamber Singers, Interim Principal Gary Furman kicked off the ceremony by explaining to students that Veterans Day is more than just a day off and encouraging them to learn about and appreciate the importance of the day.

a group of students are posing
Students and staff presented the history of Veterans Day during the ceremony.

MHS Student Resource Officer Steven DeMestrio took the stage to discuss his experiences in the military from boot camp to deployment. He spoke of the close bonds he formed with his fellow soldiers, the emotional toll of losing loved ones, what it was like serving on base through the COVID pandemic, and his pride in serving his country. He closed out his speech by asking all veterans present in the auditorium to stand and be recognized.

demonstration of flag folding ceremony

Student presenters took turns at the podium covering topics such as the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day and the history of the holiday. Presenters also explained the ritual of the “Table for One” – a table set with objects that represent the plight of missing or captured military service members. Student musicians Abby Morse and Liam Burns performed Taps, and Deputy DeMestrio led a demonstration on the flag folding ceremony.

two students are posing and holding trumpets
Student musicians Abby Morse and Liam Burns performed Taps.

The Veterans Day ceremony has a long history of teaching the students of Monticello High School about the brave contributions of our military service members. The following students and staff members were instrumental in organizing and presenting this year’s ceremony: Miss Hurley, Ms. Mathern, Ms. Strahan, Didi San Miguel, Asia Butler Legree, Alex Dietz, Sarah Cirino, Geliana Fernandez, Kaitlyn Weiss, Ariana Guzman, Torralba, Caitlin McGar, Ben Megna, Abby Morse, William Burns, Miss Jurow, Mr. Verdino, Mr. Bernstein, the MHS Chamber Singers, and Deputy DeMestrio.