MHS Picture Make-up Day is scheduled for Nov. 21

MHS Picture Make-up Day is scheduled for Nov. 21
Students will arrive for pictures by:  PE Class
Order forms for cash/check orders are in the main office.

Instructions to participate in Absentee/Retake Day:
1. Mark your calendar!
2.  Absentees and New Students/Staff should plan to be photographed on
this day so they may be included on the class photos and/or the
yearbook. (No purchase necessary.)
3. The same order form from the original picture day may be used for
cash/check orders on make-up day.
4. In order to submit a new online order, families will need to wait for
the updated proof sheet and submit an order using their student’s
personalized online code. Online orders will be mailed directly to the
home address rather than to the school.
5. Retakes: It does not cost to have a retake. If you or your student
are not happy with the original picture, please have a new photo taken.
It is helpful to the photographer to add a note to the returned pictures
explaining what you would like to have changed with their picture.
6. The student does need to return the complete Picture Package in the
envelope to the photographer on Retake Day. We cannot exchange your
order with the Retake picture until the Picture Package envelope and its
contents have been returned but we can still take a new photo if that
information is not provided on picture day.

If there are questions, please contact the customer service department
at 855-773-3321 (M-F, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm)