Mamakating Library helps Chase students learn about community

a teacher is showing a book to a seated student Students in Ms. Ramos’ class at the Emma C. Chase Elementary School have been learning about the concept of “community,” starting with Wurtsboro and expanding out to the state, the country, the world and even the universe.

One of most ubiquitous fixtures of any local community is its library, so when the Mamakating Library in Wurtsboro offered to teach a class on maps, Ms. Ramos jumped at the chance to integrate a lesson on communities near and far.

Librarians Peggy Johannsen and Patricia McMahon helped the students create maps out of everyday objects and then had the students maneuver through the objects. This added a tangible aspect to the lesson that helped the students better understand the elements of a map.

A big “thank you” to the Mamakating Library for their partnership!