Laura Zanrucha joins district as Director of Secondary Education

Last month, the Monticello Central School District appointed Laura Zanrucha as the district’s Director of Secondary Education.

In her new role, Ms. Zanrucha will be responsible for overseeing all secondary-level curriculum, including evaluating and purchasing curriculum, as well as working with teachers to enhance their curricular and pedagogical skills. She’ll also work closely with secondary administration.

Laura Zanrucha poses with the Superintendent and Board of Education president.
Laura Zanrucha, center, poses with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Matt Evans and Board of Education President Tim Crumley on the evening of her appointment.

“We think she’ll be an incredible addition to our department and district,” Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Theresa Carlin said. “We’re very excited about the wealth of experience that she brings with her.”

At the administrative level, that experience includes positions as principal and assistant principal for both high school and middle school, and most recently, as Director of Humanities, Literacy, ENL, and Early Childhood-12 at Binghamton City School District, a position which encompasses all aspects of education from early childhood through high school. Through these roles, she has developed a wealth of perspective on all aspects of the educational experience – from the multitude of pieces that go into administrative decision-making to the importance of building relationships as the foundation of success.  She is eager to bring these skills to Monticello.

“Monticello is a diverse district filled with innovation,” she said. “There are goals in place to help move students forward and I have gotten the impression from my conversations there that the faculty believes goals are key and are always looking towards the next steps. That’s the type of place I want to work.”

Whereas the district’s curriculum directors had previously been grouped via content area, the curriculum and instruction department decided to restructure the director positions by grade level.

“Our directors are specialized in that level of education with either elementary or secondary qualifications,” Ms. Carlin said. “With this change, there is a more clear-cut division of responsibilities, less directors to report to, and a more timely and efficient process.”

Ms. Zanrucha begins her new role on Feb. 20 and she is looking forward to hit the ground running.

“I can’t wait to learn more about the district, its staff and its students,” she said. “I want to hear what their needs and wants are, and find out how I can best support them. I plan to be out and about in the community – please introduce yourself and say hello!”