KLR’s Math and Movement Night is a big success

a group of students are on the floor doing a math activity More than 200 people – most of them students and their families – gathered at the Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School on Wednesday, Nov. 30 for a Family Fun Night showcasing the Math and Movement program.

The Math & Movement program incorporates movement, and visuals to make learning fun, active and memorable. Research shows that combining physical activity with learning leads to better engagement and increased retention while also promoting an active lifestyle. The Math & Movement program uses specially-designed floor mats and banners to keep students moving, while learning about math concepts.

a girl is jumping on a math activity mat

After enjoying a pasta dinner courtesy of the KLR food services crew, the students and their families rotated through a series of stations, following a Math & Movement activity guide as they skipped, crawled and hopped their way to math mastery.