KLR third-graders learn the importance of teamwork and cooperation through friendly competition

Third-graders in Mrs. Snow’s class at Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary had their teamwork skills put to the test thanks to a challenge posed by social emotional wellness teacher, Mrs. Rojas. Students were tasked with creating the longest paper chain, using only one piece of construction paper, one tape dispenser and one pair of scissors, but there was a catch. To win, each student had to collaborate with another student they usually don’t work with and construct their paper chain within four minutes. 

With limited time, students had to swiftly formulate a plan and decide who would cut the paper and who would create the paper chain. After some quick thinking, the challenge began and the countdown was on to see which team would win. At the end of the challenge, students Jean Vargas and Emma Walker emerged victorious, creating the longest paper chain in the class.

Following the friendly competition, Mrs. Rojas explained to students the true meaning behind the contest was to show them how to work together through teamwork and cooperation. She had students partner with someone they don’t typically work with to further demonstrate these values and show how important they are both inside and outside of school. 

Thank you to Mrs. Rojas for the fun lesson in teamwork!