About Rutherford

We believe that ALL children can learn and can master basic grade-level skills. It is our purpose to educate each student to his/her highest level of scholastic performance while encouraging positive growth in social/emotional behaviors and attitudes. We accept the responsibility to teach every child and provide an equal opportunity for attaining maximum academic potential.

As Kenneth. L. Rutherford teachers, staff, and administrators we will try:

  • To provide a quality instructional program in an integrated setting for each student.
  • To provide an orderly classroom and safe school environment.
  • To develop programs and activities which will respond to the social, emotional, personal, and physical development needs of each student.
  • To help children in developing self-discipline, self-respect, and self-confidence in order to participate in school as responsible members.

Every student should have the opportunity to achieve this potential in a safe, caring environment. For this reason, the K. L. Rutherford staff has adopted a common set of school rules to help create a positive learning environment for your children. We believe that good schools are child centered and plan to promote “Guidelines to a Great Environment” by positive activities that reinforce these rules.

  • We respect ourselves.
  • We respect and obey the people who teach or supervise us.
  • We respect other people in our actions.
  • We respect other people in our language.
  • We respect other people’s property.

Cooke-Rutherford PTO

The PTO invites parents to join the organization in making a difference in children’s education. With the support of parents support, the PTO can strengthen the home-school partnership and enhance the educational experience of all students.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Cooke PTO via email at cookeklrpto@k12mcsd.net.

New Members

Our membership drive will be held during the month of September. However, if you miss that opportunity, members will be accepted any time during the school year. It is never too late to join us. Annual membership dues are only $5.00. We would love for you to attend our meetings, but attendance is not a requirement for membership. 

Increased membership and support will help the PTO significantly, so please join today!

Please email cookeklrpto@k12mcsd.net for a printable membership form.

PTO Meetings

The Cooke-Rutherford PTO generally meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m.

About the PTO

The Cooke-Rutherford PTO sponsors and supports a variety of events and fundraisers.

Read more here about the Cooke-Rutherford PTO.