Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School receives grant to improve the health & wellness of school community

Five members of the KLR Wellness Committee smiling at the camera holding their grant check.
Pictured from left to right: Dennis Lankau, Sean Reuss, Kayleigh Bowles, Katrina Futrell, and Sheila Burns

Congratulations to Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School who received a check for their $2,000 grant to improve the health and wellness of students and staff! Rutherford Elementary applied for the grant a few months ago and it was submitted by 5th grade teacher, Kayleigh Bowles.

The purpose of the grant is to promote both physical and mental wellness in school communities. The grant was awarded to Rutherford Elementary last week by Sullivan 180, a local organization focused on enhancing the health and wellness of students, staff and their surrounding communities.

The K.L.R. Wellness Committee plans to use the funds to purchase new recess equipment, yoga mats, and items to revitalize their school garden, as part of one of their health initiatives called “Our Backyard”. “Our Backyard” is a project aimed at increasing movement in the learning process, both indoors and outdoors.

New equipment for various activities gets both students and staff moving, as opposed to remaining stationary or having little movement throughout the day. Garden supplies will enhance an already existing structure, which will also serve as an outdoor learning center.

Thank you to the K.L.R. Wellness Committee for all of their hard work and for making this exciting project possible!

This Empowering a Healthier Generation Project was made possible with support from Sullivan Renaissance and Sullivan 180; with funding from the Rowley Foundation.