G.L. Cooke Elementary Kindergarten Students Treat First Responders to Donut Drive

With Thanksgiving around the corner, many are in the spirit of expressing their gratitude towards members of their community. 

On Tuesday, November 16, first responders from the Monticello Fire Department, Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department, Monticello Police Department, and Monticello Mobilemedic EMS visited G.L. Cooke Elementary school to receive fresh donuts from the kindergarten students of Ms. Moore and Mrs. Vandermeulen. 

Members from these emergency services drove up with their lights and sirens on as students gleefully watched. First responders were also presented with thank you cards that were written with help from their teachers. The kindergarten students were excited to show their appreciation for the services first responders provide that keep the Monticello community safe each day.

2021 has been a challenging time for everyone. Be sure to express your thanks this week to those that have been instrumental in protecting our community throughout the year. You never know how meaningful a small gesture of gratitude can be.