From farm to classroom: local maple farmer teaches elementary students how to make maple syrup

Students sitting in the auditorium listening to speaker.
Local farmer Todd Mitchell spoke to Cooke Elementary students about the process for making maple syrup.

Students at George Cooke Elementary School found themselves in a sticky situation when local maple farmer Todd Mitchell visited on March 14.

Students in Mrs. Leibman’s, Mrs. Ferentionos’s, Mrs. Moore’s and Mrs. Vandermulen’s kindergarten classes were excited to learn how maple syrup is made; they listened closely as Mr. Mitchell explained the process, including how to tap a tree to bottle the syrup.

Elementary students eating waffles and sausage at a table.
Students had the opportunity to enjoy fresh maple syrup on waffles and breakfast sausage.

Mr. Mitchell’s presentation concluded with a delicious treat for students: a waffle served with breakfast sausage topped with homemade whipped cream and fresh maple syrup. Students also received a piece of maple candy to take home. From the smiles across the room, it was clear students enjoyed the maple-themed breakfast and savored each flavorful bite.

The sweet lesson culminated with students creating their own maple syrup books, applying what they learned into a project that will serve as an everlasting keepsake.

Three jars of maple syrup and a metal bucket displayed on the floor of the stage.
Mr. Mitchell brought the device used to tap the syrup from trees, along with jars of fresh maple syrup.
Teacher showing elementary students the metal bucket used for tapping syrup from trees.
Students were able to get a close look at the device used to tap a tree to extract maple syrup.
Woman cooking waffles in the auditorium.
Students were able to try Mr. Mitchell’s maple syrup thanks to the delicious waffles and breakfast sausage prepared by school staff.

Elementary students sitting at a lunch table eating waffles and sausage.