Fourth-grade students travel in time

four students are sitting around a table using a quill and ink to practice writing What was it like to live during the Colonial Days? After a visit from Sheldon Stowe, Mrs. Eisenhardt’s and Mrs. Weiss’ students at Emma C. Chase Elementary School would probably be able to tell you! The students had a special guest that delivered a historical presentation of colonial times.

Mr. Sheldon Stowe is a Social Studies teacher who offers school history programs for fourth-grade students around the Hudson Valley. Mr. Stowe made history come alive! There were many artifacts and pictures displayed from the colonial times that he discussed.

a female student stands and holds hand made candles The second half of the presentation was a hands-on craft workshop. Each student learned how to write with a quill pen and made their own candles to bring home.

Thank you Mr. Stowe!