Pesticide Notification Law

Under Section 409-H of the Education Law all schools must have a notification procedure to inform interested parties of the application of pesticides in and on school premises.

To meet the notification requirements of this law the Monticello Central School District is informing you that pesticide products may be used periodically throughout the school year.

Additionally, we are required to maintain a list of parents, guardians, and staff who request to receive 48 hour written advanced notice of an actual pesticide application.

If you would like to receive such notification of pesticide applications scheduled to occur in your school, you may file a form in the office of the district’s director of operations and maintenance who is the school pesticide representative for the purposes of State Education Law Section 409-H.

The Director can be reached at Monticello Central School District Plant Operations Office, 153 Forestburgh Road, Monticello, NY 12701 or by phone at 794-7289.

The notification (if applicable*) will explain the following:

  • Specific dates and location of upcoming application
  • Pesticide product name and EPA registration number
  • Name of school representative to contact for further information

*There are a few circumstances which do not require notification, please contact the Director of Plant Operations John Travis at 794-7289 if you would like further information.