First-grade students learn important safety lessons from Deputy Barrett

Deputy Barrett is holding up a book to a computer screenSullivan County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Barrett came to the Cooke school to teach Ms. Dutcher and Mrs. Post’s first-grade virtual learners about stranger danger, chemicals in the home, calling 911 and many other ways to stay safe. They set up a computer station for Deputy Barrett to be able to come into the class to teach the students. This is the younger component to the DARE program. The students really enjoyed the activity. And just like any other class, there was homework. The students were asked to learn their home addresses and phone numbers. If the messages received by our parents was any any indication, the presentation was s huge success — many parents reached out to thank us for having Deputy Barrett come and teach this curriculum. But we thank Deputy Barrett for coming in to teach our students about the many ways we can help keep ourselves, and our communities, safe.