Drop everything and move even while school is closed

Dear students, family members, and guardians:

The physical education team at our school is working with resources from OPENPhysEd.org to help you stay physically active and healthy while our schools are closed. In order to meet physical education goals during this time, students must be physically active each day. Use this “Drop Everything and Move” calendar to check off your daily physical education requirement.

March calendar            April calendar

Students are also encouraged to try and explore new activities outside the “Drop Everything and Move” calendar. You may write down and include time participated in each activity, as well as new activities participated in. Students, at the end of each day, ask a family member to initial next to the day’s activity. Then, return the finished log to your physical education teacher when school is back in session.

If you have any questions, you may email Brian Caruso (bcaruso @k12mcsd.net) or Andrew DiCerbo (adicerbo@k12mcsd.net). We will be checking emails Monday – Friday and will reply as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation. Stay active and stay well.


Coach Brian Caruso

Coach Andrew DiCerbo

By staying active and completing this physical activity log you’re meeting the following SHAPE America National Physical Education Grade-level Outcomes:

Grades K-5 (Physical Activity Knowledge)

Standard 3 [E1.K,2,3a,5] Identifies active play opportunities outside physical education class (K); Describes physical activities for participation outside physical education class (e.g., before and after school, at home, at the park, with friends, with the family) (2); Charts participation in physical activities outside physical education class (3a); Charts and analyzes physical activity outside physical education class for fitness benefits of activities (5).


Grades 6-8 (Engages in Physical Activity)

Standard 3 [M2.6-8] Participates in self-selected physical activity outside of physical education class (6); Participates in a physical activity twice a week outside of physical education class (7); Participates in physical activity three times a week outside of physical education class (8).


Grades 9-12 (Engages in Physical Activity)

Standard 3 [H6.L1] Participates several times a week in a self-selected lifetime activity, dance, or fitness activity outside of the school day (L1).