District welcomes Christine Miraglia as the new assistant principal of St. John Street Community School and director of school safety

Woman smiling with her hands in front of her.

Once a panther, always a panther. Monticello Central School District is excited to welcome Christine Miraglia as the new assistant principal of St. John Street Community School and director of school safety for MCSD. An alumna of the district, Ms. Miraglia was appointed to the position at the Oct. 19 Board of Education meeting.

“It feels great being able to come back to the district that was my foundation…The idea of being a part of a community school is a legacy that I cannot wait to be a part of,” said Ms. Miraglia.

Ms. Miraglia joins MCSD from the Liberty Central School District where she has been the assistant principal since 2022. She has over 13 years of experience in education, having previously been a broadcast media production teacher, an administrative intern and an arts and humanities education manager.

A native of Bethel, NY, Ms. Miraglia’s passion for education began when she was a MCSD student. She recalled how the vast programs and opportunities offered by the district significantly helped her as a student and provided a foundation for future success. This was evident in Ms. Miraglia’s post secondary achievements, which include a dual bachelor’s degree in fine art from Syracuse University, a master’s degree in social justice education from SUNY New Paltz, and a master’s degree in educational leadership from Long Island University (Hudson Campus). She was also an honoree for the Sullivan Democrat Business and Professional Women in 2016 and holds a certificate of merit in leadership from the New York State Assembly.

With each job, Ms. Miraglia has gained the skills and knowledge to not only lead students, but guide and support them as they progress through their education. Her past experiences as both a scholar and an educator have influenced her leadership style and how she approaches communication with students.

“During my post secondary education experiences I learned and unlearned many things. Sometimes education is more about how you take that information and develop yourself, a pathway or a relationship. I feel that I have a unique skill set in communication and that students are able to be open and honest with me. In school, that’s important as even the students with support systems at home have a natural barrier of communication with their parents,” said Ms. Miraglia.

As Ms. Miraglia assimilates into her new role, she is excited about her ongoing work with students, especially those who need help attaining their educational goals. She’s uniquely positioned to establish meaningful connections with not only students, but all stakeholders at St. John Street Community School as a MCSD alumna. Moreover, Ms. Miraglia hopes to bring her passion for social justice education and experience with restorative practices to the district while maintaining a safe and engaging curriculum for all students.