Cooke students learn the ABCs of getting along

The Dispute Resolution Center came to the George L. Cooke Elementary School to teach an anger management program called “ABCs of Getting Along” (A- Ask “What’s the problem,” apologize; B- Be kind, Be honest, Be fair; C- Calm down, cool off).

A woman with two puppets is in the front of the class as students sit at their desks, watching and listening to her presentation.
One of the DRC employees is seen here using puppets to show third grade students in Mrs. Prestianni’s class how the ABCs of getting along would help them in a situation.

The DRC employees went into the kindergarten through third grade classes, using interactive tools such as puppets and an “anger control toolbox.” Students participated in using the puppets and the tools. They were very engaged and asked thoughtful questions throughout the session.

Students were taught to identify angry feelings, how to cool down when they feel angry, and how to deal with conflict.