Chase students continue working towards Guinness Record by creating links

Students at the Chase School are excited because the deadline for the Kids for Peace, Links of Love Guinness Book of World Record challenge has been extended. 
We had tried to meet our goal of 5,280links, but Covid-19 was an obstacle in our way.  Now that most students are physically in school, we are getting closer and closer to our goal.  In just one week, we created over 1,000 links.  We are hoping we can meet our goal before the school year ends. If not, we have until November to finish.  Our first 1200 were already sent to California.

Remember, anyone can help our students by creating and providing links. Simply drop them off at the Chase school or interoffice them to Maryann Swensen at the Chase School.  A $1 donation is appreciated to help offset the cost of shipping, but not necessary. For more information about how to create links, read our initial story here. 

a basket of links is sitting on a table