Chase raises $5,677 for Kids Heart Challenge

The Chase School participated in the Kids Heart Challenge, which is a national education and fundraising event sponsored by the American Heart Association. Physical Education teacher Mrs. Tamara Coney facilitated the program during PE classes by teaching the students jump rope skills, explaining how their hearts work, and how to develop heart-healthy habits. The students and faculty joined together and raised $5,677.00 for the cause. This money will be donated to help children with special hearts.

Five teachers stand in brightly colored wading pools as they are being squirted.
The chosen staff members were squirted with water wands – a treat for students after raising so much money for the American Heart Association.

The top fundraiser was Christopher Belgiovene who now has his name above the gymnasium doors.

An adult holding one end of a long narrow sign and a young boy holding the other. The sign says The Christopher Belgiovene Gym.
The gym at Chase Elementary has a new name – The Christopher Belgiovene Gym, named for the student who raised the most money for the Kids Heart Challenge.

The following people were also recognized: Mrs. Cheryl Hampel, Jovi Roosa, Aida Flores, Hunter Harris, Daniel Phillipy, Cameron Stalter, Noelle Travers, Brayden Pogozelski, Blaise Pogozelski, Job Wilkins, Aubrey Wilkins, Jacob Burmbaugh, Conor Costello, Riley Scheurmann, Nicholas Kahn, Owen Mann, Austin Bricker, Skyler Bricker, and Ethan Mann.

A line of elementary school students wearing masks stand in front of a sign showing how much money they raised for the Kids Heart Challenge.

These students chose Principal William Frandino, Stephon Rivera, Andy Biro, Patricia Andersen and Mr. Larson to be squirted with water wands at the celebration assembly. It was a fun time for all! Thank you, and congratulations to all the students and staff who participated.

One staff member is wearing plastic to protect her from the water being squirted on her. Another teacher gives the thumbs up.