Chase is spreading double the love!

a student is holding up a valentines day card that he drew In a time where folks need support more than ever before, Emma C. Chase Elementary School students are sending out double the love thanks to Art/Library teacher Laurie Kilgore and Social Emotional Wellness (SEW) teacher Maryann Swensen. In Art class for the past few weeks, students across all grade levels have worked on their yearly community service project, making Valentine’s cards for Veterans.  


While working on the cards they discuss what a Veteran is, to appreciate the service and sacrifices veterans have made, and how important it is to give back to the community, and to be kind and to think of others. Ms. Kilgore sends the valentines to the Sullivan County Veteran’s Association, who distributes them to local Veterans. She has been doing this project with her students for at least the past 7 years, maybe longer. 


two students are holding up valentines cards that they drewThis year, Mrs. Swensen joined in the fun. During SEW class students made Valentines, expressing the emotion of love and sending kind wishes to residents at the Valley View Nursing Home. Our students, both in person & remote, are great artists and really put in a lot of work to make beautiful cards for community members.