Alumna Brasington Visits MHS NAF Academy of Finance

Written by NAF AOF Entrepreneurship students William Weiss, Jr. and Joseph Hundeland

Monticello High School (MHS) National Academy Foundation (NAF) Academy Of Finance (AOF) graduate Angela Brasington recently visited her alma mater to speak with the AOF Entrepreneurship class at Monticello High School to share some information about herself and her businesses. Angela’s companies, Anjé Clothing and Anjé Studios, focus on classic clothing for women and helping other businesses grow, respectively.

During her visit with the students, she talked about how she always had an entrepreneurial spirit and knew she wanted to create her own business, leading to her taking AOF classes in high school. She helped students to understand exactly how to start up a business of their own. She also shared how she started by looking into what businesses she was interested in to narrow down the choices to her favorite, leading her to creating Anjé Clothing.

After starting her business, Angela needed to think about who would be interested in her product so she could focus on her target market (middle-aged women). She needed to shape her clothing around this market, similar to how AOF Entrepreneurship students had to find what their target market would be for their business idea. Angela has used all of the information she shared with the students as discussed above to succeed in her entrepreneurial journey with Anjé Clothing and Anjé Studios.

Speaking of success, Angela talked about how she will soon begin working with Amazon to sell her products to a larger market. Thus, Angela has proven that she knows what she has to do to succeed and therefore has gained the wisdom associated with it, passing this on to the AOF students and providing them with insight into the experience of starting up and running a business.

In addition, Angela talked about the importance of professional dress. Professional dress is vital because you need to dress nicely for the job you want. Whether or not you have the job you want, it is important to dress accordingly. Today’s students need to be prepared to go to college and or/ find a good job. Angela Brasington came to Monticello with a purpose to help prepare students for the not so far off future. She has been very busy with work, but she took her time off to share ways to become successful and the students are very thankful for her coming to share her knowledge with them.