Alleged threat at MHS

The Monticello High School administrators were made aware of an alleged threat late in the day on Wednesday, May 8, from a teacher who had heard students discussing it. There were no social media posts, notes or witnesses, only second and third-hand information. At that time, the administrators determined the allegations were not credible after their immediate investigation.

Early this morning, information regarding the alleged threat began to resurface with more detail. The district continued to investigate the matter. The school was made aware at that time that law enforcement had been contacted regarding the incident as well and additional investigative questions were asked by law enforcement.

“As a result of additional safety and security concerns here and across our nation, there will be added security in the district throughout the remainder of the week,” said Tammy Mangus, superintendent of Monticello schools.

“We take all threats seriously and will work collaboratively with law enforcement agencies to investigate any situations that might put our students and staff at risk,” said Monticello High School Principal Stephen Wilder.

The incident, at this time, has been deemed as unfounded although follow-up investigations are still underway.